Standard Listing Citations

Struggling to establish a clear online presence? Our Standard Listing Citations package is the solution! We’ll clear duplicate listings, submit your business manually to 25 directories, and manage verifications. Plus, your data gets pushed to Data Axle, amplifying your reach. All login credentials provided, so you’re always in control. This is your ticket to a focused, effective online footprint without breaking the bank!



Great Value, Solid Foundation

Ready to begin establishing your online footprint? Our Standard Listing Citations package provides a solid foundation for your business’s online presence. This service is designed to help you establish a clean, consistent, and controlled footprint throughout the internet.


Remove Duplicate Listings

Clarity and consistency are key. Duplicate listings can confuse potential customers and dilute your online presence. We’ll clean up these duplicates, ensuring a single, clear digital identity for your business. This improves the customer’s search experience and helps build your business’s credibility.

25 Manual Submissions

We believe in accuracy over automation. Our team will manually submit your business information to 25 high-traffic directories. This approach guarantees precision, maximizes visibility, and sets the stage for your business to be discovered by more potential customers.

Managed Verifications

Verifying directory listings can be time-consuming and complex. Our team manages this process for you, ensuring your listings are verified and live in the shortest time possible. This reduces your workload and accelerates your online visibility.

Push Data to Data Axle

Data Axle is a key player in digital information distribution. By pushing your data to Data Axle, we help enhance your online footprint, amplifying your reach to potential customers across multiple platforms.

Login Credentials Provided

Transparency and control are important to us. That’s why we provide you with all the login credentials, so you have direct access and control over your listings. This empowers you to update your business information in real-time, providing the most current information to your customers.


The Standard Listing Citations package is your ticket to an affordable and effective online presence. It offers a sturdy launchpad, paving the way for your digital growth and opening up opportunities to connect with more customers. Make a strong start with us and experience the benefits of a focused and streamlined online identity.

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