Premium Pay Per Click (6 month)

Looking to enhance your advertising and outshine your competitors? Our Premium Pay Per Click package is your answer. With two ad platforms, six tailored campaigns, and competitive analysis, we’ll significantly boost your online presence and drive greater ROI on your ad spend.

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Next Level, Incredible ROI

Looking to amplify your advertising impact and outshine your competitors? Our Premium Pay Per Click (PPC) package offers a robust suite of services to accelerate your online visibility and drive higher returns on your investment. Let’s dive into the benefits of each service:


Local GEO Targeting

Just like in our Standard package, we focus your ads within specific geographic locations to maximize relevance and conversion rates. Reach your local audience more effectively and achieve greater ROI with precision-targeted ads.

Up to 2 Ad Platforms

Broaden your online presence by leveraging two different ad platforms. By diversifying your ad platforms, we can reach a wider audience and engage different customer segments, thereby maximizing your ad exposure and increasing the potential for conversions.

Up to 3 Ad Campaigns

We’ll set up three individual ad campaigns, each tailored to distinct business objectives. This multi-campaign approach allows for a broader marketing strategy and offers the flexibility to target multiple customer segments or promote different products or services.

6 Ad Groups per Campaign

With up to six ad groups per campaign, we can fine-tune your ad messages to resonate with different segments of your target audience. This customization increases ad relevance and can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

6 Ads per Ad Group

We’ll craft up to six unique ads for each ad group, providing a wide array of messaging to engage your audience. This variety also allows us to A/B test different ad elements and optimize based on performance to deliver the best results.

Up to $5,000 Ad Spend

With a higher ad spend, you can expand your reach, increase your visibility, and drive more traffic to your website. This larger budget gives us the opportunity to experiment, iterate, and optimize your campaigns for peak performance.

Bi-Monthly Reporting

Get more frequent updates on your campaign performance with our bi-monthly reports. This frequent reporting allows you to stay on top of your ad performance, providing timely insights for proactive decision-making.

Competitive Analysis

Understand how your business stacks up against competitors with our in-depth competitive analysis. We’ll study your competition’s strategies and use these insights to craft ads that set you apart and position you as a leader in your market.


With the Premium PPC package, you’re not just investing in more extensive advertising—you’re investing in a strategic approach designed to outperform your competitors. Power up your digital advertising with our Premium PPC package!

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