Premium Retargeting

Having trouble earning back those lost leads? Our Premium Retargeting package escalates your remarketing efforts. With features like page-specific retargeting, additional ads and banners, advanced optimization, and A/B split testing, we’re ready to boost your engagement and ROI!



Increased Exposure, Optimal ROI

Take your remarketing strategy up a notch with our Premium Retargeting package. Designed to provide your business with an amplified online presence, this package is a step above our Standard offering, introducing advanced features and additional remarketing materials.


Remarketing Tag Installation

To help you reconnect with past website visitors, we’ll implement remarketing tags. These are tiny pieces of code that allow us to track visitors on your website and serve them tailored ads on Google’s network later. This strategy increases brand recall and potential customer conversions.

Advertising on Google Display Network

As part of this package, we’ll showcase your business on the Google Display Network – an expansive network reaching 90% of Internet users worldwide. This means your business will be put in front of potential customers when they’re browsing their favorite websites, watching a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

Page-Specific Retargeting for Up to 5 Pages

Increase the precision of your remarketing efforts. With page-specific retargeting, we display customized ads based on the specific pages visitors engaged with on your site. This tailored approach not only boosts engagement but also enhances the chances of conversion by delivering highly relevant ads to potential customers.

4 Custom Image Ads & 2 Google Display Banners

With an expanded repertoire of creative materials, we’re able to capture various facets of your brand. Each of these carefully crafted ads and banners helps to highlight different aspects of your business, attracting a wider range of prospective customers and fostering deeper connections.

A/B Split Testing of Ads

This package introduces the power of A/B split testing. By creating two variants of your ads and analyzing their performance, we can determine what design elements, messaging, and call-to-actions your audience resonates with the most. This valuable insight allows us to continually refine your ads for maximum effectiveness.

Advanced Ad Placement Optimization

With advanced optimization, we further fine-tune where your ads are placed, focusing on the channels, websites, and even specific webpages that yield the best results. This data-driven approach ensures your ads are seen by the most relevant audiences, maximizing your ROI.

Automated Weekly and Monthly Ad Performance Reports

As with our Standard package, we provide detailed weekly and monthly performance reports. These are designed to keep you well-informed about your campaign’s progress and the specific results achieved through our retargeting efforts.


With the Premium Retargeting package, your business will see conversion rates like never before. Our advanced strategies and detailed approach to targeting make it a power player in your digital marketing arsenal, designed to deliver amplified visibility and better conversion rates.

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