Elite Pay Per Click

Want to maximize your results? Our Elite Pay Per Click (PPC) package provides comprehensive strategies across three ad platforms. It includes diverse ad campaigns with granular targeting, significant ad spend, and landing page optimization to maximize ROI.



Advanced Advertising, Maximum ROI

Ready to unleash the full power of digital advertising? Our Elite Pay Per Click (PPC) package offers the most comprehensive suite of services for businesses aiming for unparalleled online prominence and conversion rates. Let’s dive into the benefits each service brings to your advertising strategy:


Local GEO Targeting

Continuing with our Standard and Premium offerings, local GEO targeting ensures your ads reach the most relevant audience – the customers in your locality. This way, every ad dollar is spent efficiently, targeting those who are most likely to convert.

Up to 3 Ad Platforms

To maximize your reach and engagement, we’ll leverage up to three different ad platforms. This diversity in platform usage helps tap into various customer demographics and preferences, increasing your brand exposure and the likelihood of reaching potential customers.

Up to 6 Ad Campaigns

With up to six distinct ad campaigns, we target different aspects of your business, product lines, or customer segments. This strategic diversification helps create a broad yet effective advertising net, increasing overall conversions and ROI.

10 Ad Groups per Campaign

Each campaign comes with up to ten ad groups, enabling hyper-specific targeting based on various user personas. This level of granularity allows us to deliver highly personalized ads, improving engagement and conversion rates.

10 Ads per Ad Group

We create up to ten unique ads per ad group, providing an abundant mix of messaging and visuals to capture your audience’s attention. This broad spectrum of ads also facilitates extensive A/B testing to optimize performance and ensure maximum ROI.

$20,000 Ad Spend

With an ad spend up to $20,000, your ads gain remarkable visibility, delivering your message to a broader audience. This substantial investment amplifies your reach and paves the way for a surge in website traffic and potential conversions.

Weekly Reporting

Stay consistently updated with weekly reports on your ad performance. These regular updates allow you to monitor progress, measure results, and understand the impact of your advertising spend, enabling informed business decisions.

Competitive Analysis

Gain an edge over your competitors with our detailed competitive analysis. This analysis will shed light on your competitors’ strategies, helping us position your brand effectively and create ads that outperform the competition.

Landing Page Optimization

The journey doesn’t end when users click your ads; the landing page plays a critical role in converting those clicks into customers. Our team will optimize your landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience, increase dwell time, and boost conversion rates.


The Elite PPC package is a powerhouse of advanced advertising services designed to maximize ROI and deliver exceptional results. Let your brand take the center stage in the digital arena with the Elite PPC package!

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