Elite Retargeting

Are lost leads eating into your profits? Turn the tables with our Elite Retargeting package. Boost conversions with AdRoll advertising, hyper-targeted remarketing, increased ad variation, and enhanced optimization. Our recipe for unrivaled online success.



Best Value, Highest ROI

Win back your lost visitors with our Elite Retargeting package. Our most comprehensive offering, this package is meticulously designed for businesses that aspire for maximum conversions. It includes all the benefits of the Standard and Premium packages, while also delivering transformative additional services to amplify your reach and impact.


Remarketing Tag Installation

To help you reconnect with past website visitors, we’ll implement remarketing tags. These are tiny pieces of code that allow us to track visitors on your website and serve them tailored ads on Google’s network later. This strategy increases brand recall and potential customer conversions.

Advertising on Google Display Network

As part of this package, we’ll showcase your business on the Google Display Network – an expansive network reaching 90% of Internet users worldwide. This means your business will be put in front of potential customers when they’re browsing their favorite websites, watching a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

AdRoll Network Advertising

With the inclusion of the AdRoll network, your advertising reach expands beyond the Google Display Network. This means your ads will now appear on multiple high-traffic websites, apps, and even social media platforms frequented by your target audience, increasing the exposure and reach of your business.

Page-Specific Retargeting for Up to 10 Pages

With the ability to retarget visitors on up to 10 different pages of your website, this offering allows you to deliver an even more personalized and engaging advertising experience. Tailored ads based on the specific interests of your site visitors can significantly boost re-engagement rates and foster higher conversion rates.

8 Custom Image Ads & 3 Google Display Banners

With a suite of 8 image ads and 3 Google display banners, your brand story can be unfolded in more depth and breadth. This diversity in creative materials helps capture a wider audience and keeps your brand fresh and interesting across different digital platforms.

A/B Split Testing of Ads

Like the Premium package, we conduct A/B split testing, but now across a greater volume of ads. This rigorous testing strategy allows us to constantly improve your advertising efficacy, making sure every ad dollar is well-spent.

Advanced Ad Placement Optimization

The Elite package pushes boundaries in ad placement optimization. We dive deeper into data to find the sweet spots for your ads, ensuring they land in front of the right eyes, at the right time, on the right platform.

Automated Weekly and Monthly Ad Performance Reports

Transparency is a cornerstone of our service. We provide comprehensive weekly and monthly reports to keep you informed about your campaign’s performance and the return on your investment.


The Elite Retargeting package is a game-changer. Its vast array of services combined with its enhanced targeting capabilities will propel your business. Let this package be your vehicle to an unrivalled online impact, ushering in unprecedented levels of visibility, engagement, and conversions.

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