Premium Listing Citations

Finding it hard to gain substantial online visibility? Opt for our Premium Listing Citations package! We remove duplicate listings, manually submit your business to 50 directories, and manage verifications. Your data is pushed to Data Axle, Neustar, and Foursquare, extending your reach. We provide all login credentials for total control. Experience comprehensive, affordable digital exposure like never before!



Great Value, Comprehensive Solution

Looking for a comprehensive solution that maximizes your online visibility without breaking the bank? Our Premium Listing Citations package strikes a perfect balance, offering more in-depth exposure and stronger control over your digital presence.


Remove Duplicate Listings

Consistency is critical and duplicate or inaccurate listings will harm your search rankings. We’ll eliminate any duplicate listings, ensuring your business is represented clearly and accurately across the web. This not only aids in maintaining a coherent brand image but also enhances the customer experience by providing accurate information about your business.

50 Manual Submissions

Our team will manually submit your business details to 50 reputable, high-traffic directories. This doubles the exposure of our standard package, increasing the opportunities for potential customers to discover your business. Manual submissions ensure accuracy, helping to build a reliable and trustworthy online reputation.

Managed Verifications

We understand that verifying listings can be a daunting task, but it’s crucial for validating your business’s presence on each directory. Our team will handle all verifications, providing a seamless and stress-free experience, and ensuring your listings are live and working for you as quickly as possible.

Push Data to Multiple Networks

Expanding upon our Standard package, the Premium package pushes your data to Data Axle, Neustar, and Foursquare. This wider data distribution significantly boosts your online visibility, helping you reach more potential customers across various platforms.

Login Credentials Provided

We believe in maintaining transparency and control over your listings. That’s why we provide you with all the login credentials. You can directly access, monitor, and update your listings as needed, ensuring your customers always have the most current and accurate information.


The Premium Listing Citations package is a smart investment for businesses ready to amplify their online presence without stretching their budget. By providing more directory submissions and extended data distribution, this package ensures your business gets the visibility it deserves, delivering excellent value for your investment. Embrace the Premium experience and watch your digital presence grow.

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